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Busy Bees

By patricia rozental, Oct 21 2015 09:45PM

Considering the Bee, there is no other creature which is truly busier, endlessly hardworking and productive - all this as well as being amazinly efficient too; it's no wonder we say we are as 'busy as a bee', and our furry, buzzing friends most certainly deserve the accolade.

The workload of Bees is massive. Their importance of impact on the world is immense. Those incredible insects are almost single-handedly saving our environment , They pollinate our food and most of the flowers in the world, they provide us with honey, inhabit our mythology and in many cultures are associated with poetic inspiration. Indeed Isaac Watts in 'How Doth The Little Busy Bee' (1714) tells us we should be like them as the devil makes mischief for idle hands, a danger which is all too real in our increasingly technological world.

Yet in an ironic twist the very same environment they nurture is rapidly turning against them...

The use of rust depicting the flower represents both the labouring of the bee which is increasingly under threat, and also the manufactured world as we have made it. If the bee becomes extinct perhaps the world will be as barren and useless as if covered with rust.

Bombus Terrestris and Bombus Sylvarum are two of the most common bees here in the UK and it is the anxiety that bees evoke which engages me; the painful possibility of a bee sting and the much larger anxiety of contemplating their precarious state within the natural world...

These two pieces are currently showing at the Upstairs Gallery Berkhamsted

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