Patricia Rozental


RI Painters in Watercolour 209th exhibition

By patricia rozental, Mar 31 2021 02:09PM

I'm so thrilled that my painting, 'String of Nails' has been accepted for the 209th annual exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. It will be held at the Mall Galleries, London from the 20th - 29th May 2021.

During lockdown I have made three paintings featuring my earrings. These are all pearl earrings which have been a bit redundant over the last year as I haven't been any where, apart from the supermarket to wear them.

I have hung them on a srting of nails, found in my late father in law's engineering workshop. This unusual functional object has a beauty, in my opinion, in it's own right and is now redundant also...

the title is a reference to a pearl necklace: 'string of pearls'.

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