Patricia Rozental


From The Box of Delights Series - Pretty Maids All In A Row are made from custom made Polypropylene Sandbags and Plaster, cast figuratively to look like dancing ladies. In previous work I have equated the slumped sandbag with the ageing female form, but in this piece, influenced by Royal Doulton statuettes I wanted the sandbag to have fun and dance to the song of the title which my Grandfather sang while weeding his wallflowers.

From The Box of Delights Series- Give me Oil In My Heart Keep Me Burning uses vintage sewing machine oil cans and small custom made plaster sandbags. The piece works on two levels, the first, playful bags evoking my childhood relationships with My Grandmother and five Great Aunts who all sewed vigorously and loved to sing the old hymn, among others in the title. The second level concerns the interaction of the rounded, for me, female forms of the sandbags, and the more masculine forms of the oil cans.

Running on Empty

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From The Box of Delights Series - Origins

This piece comes from the idea that a woman's body is symbolically a container and that makes a container symbolically a woman's body, and also from my fascination for trying to capture the interior space. These cast 'vessels' are representations of the female form.  Seeming archaeological they resemble ancient water or oil carrying vessels even canopic jars. They also resemble early sculptures depicting female fertility such as the Venus of Willendorf, and speak of generations of women bearing future generations. As with true womankind, each one is an individual and has it's own different personal grooves, curves and notches. On a smaller scale perhaps they are representational of my two Grandmothers, the cracked vessels, and my Mother, the middle vessel still alive and complete – the 'origins' of me.

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